Razzle Dazzle and Marijuana

Remember playing different board games while you were growing up.  It is totally acceptable if you still play them. We still feel nostalgic whenever we see Ludo or snakes and ladders, the perfect time pass. As we grow up, we shift ourselves to different games that are more realistic and entertaining. You must have won a lot of rounds while playing. You loved that feeling, right? Is there any game you played and never won? Even if the probability sucks, yet you have managed to win at least once. What if we tell you that there are games at which you can never win no matter how hard you attempt and how many times you try your luck.

The game is called Razzle, also known as Razzle Dazzle. The most dishonest game mankind has ever experienced. The nature of the game makes it a particular money-maker for a conman. Here’s how it is played:

Razzle compromises of a playing board with numbered holes, averaging 120, upon which eight marbles are spilled from a cup. The numbers are then added to a total and that total is displayed on a chart, with the value for that number displayed underneath it. In most Razzle set-ups, the player must bet one unit (dollar, pound, Euro) per roll, and must keep rolling until he attains 10 points. The player does not "lose" until he walks away, but in reality, the player loses the minute he steps up to the game, as the game is always played deceitfully.

The point per number chart is the secret. The numbers most probable to come up are valueless or only signify that you have to double or augment the bet. Most untruthful Razzle games also depend on a fast count by the game operator to ploy the player into believing he has a superior number total than he actually rolled. This is used to keep the player hooked into the game, mounting his point total at regular intervals, causing him to spend more and more into the game. The player believes that strolling away would be a disaster; he only needs one or two more points. Unluckily for the player, he never actually gets that last point. According to Darwin Ortiz, generally, Razzle operators are not pleased until they get the player’s last penny.

Even if the game were run sincerely, the mathematical nature of the Razzle board makes it entirely unlikely that a player would ever win before running out of money, or that the prizes won would ever equal the amount of money spent chasing them.

Another feature of the game is that more than one prize can be won in a game. All the player must do is reach a convinced number to win supplementary prizes. The operator usually states that you need to make another bet for every additional prize.

We alert you not to fall any games like this which offers hefty profit. In today’s world, nothing is free and nothing will ever be. But you gotta admit that is some good shit!

Marijuana has been widely smoked in India for thousands of years. Hindus worship Shiva who is believed to be the oldest God in Hinduism. Shiva the demolisher loves to consume marijuana and so do his followers. Muslims also consume cannabis because liquor is forbidden in Islam. It has been consumed by individuals from all walks of life in India from all the religions.

Marijuana, Ganja, or weed whatever you may call it was, in fact, legal till 1985 in India. Then NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act) was introduced by the Rajiv Gandhi government, which combined these holy plants with hardcore drugs like LSD, cocaine, heroin etc and since then it is against the law in this country.

With marijuana being legitimate in many states of America, we wonder and question the same scenario in India. It is prohibited but tolerated around India. A few states like West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa Tripura, and the North East have their own laws permitting cannabis. Varanasi the holy grail for Bhang!

People are taking a stand for the cause but what is stopping it to get legalized here? What could be the possible reasons?

Not many people smoke marijuana on a regular basis.  Which implies that it’s a terrifyingly strange for a lot of people, to a certain extent a fact of daily life?  

India as a country for no reason would like to be branded as a 'pro-drug' nation even if it is something positive (it's one of the finest antioxidants & has anti-carcinogenic properties).

Whereas marijuana is less addictive, low-priced with the slightest number of side effects. But alcohol generates more profits even if it is taxed heavily. Since marijuana is easier to produce & lucrative crop as compared to grains, big tobacco conglomerates will eye to capture the market.

The reasons why it should be legalized in India:

Marijuana grows naturally. It can improve the economy and bring contentment in the lives of farmers. It reduces violent behavior, unlike alcohol. It is less addictive and less injurious than tobacco. It has a variety of medical applications. India’s climate is finest for growing finest weed and hash that would ultimately draw tourists from all over the world. Legalizing will decrease the unlawful drug trade. Obviously, it makes you happy and more creative.

You should know:

The sale, consumption, and transporting of Marijuana are against the law. The most usually referenced fine for possession is Rs 10,000 with a maximum jail sentence of 6 months for small quantities (100 grams). big quantities (1 kg) Rs 100,000 with a jail sentence of up to 10 years. Avoid carrying fat amounts at one time with you. You’ll normally find your Indian mates blending cigarette tobacco with equivalent parts of marijuana. Transporting of the pot is just simple dumb. Trains/cars are often searched by very well-organized police officers.

We are changing and with a bit of luck in the next few years to come, the NDPS act should be amended and deity given plants should be made legal.