Short Movie Review - Part I

The short film is one of the most unappreciated forms of cinematography present out there. Deprived of the challenges of a characteristic three-act story weighing it down, a short film can do some really stimulating things with the filmmaking art, and short horror movies are the best category to put forward this sort of liberty. Contrasting features, good short movies can be difficult to find, but fortunately, there are an enormous collection of horror short movies that you can watch without spending a penny that is actually good. In continuation, you might also cherish the highly-rated horror channels on YouTube. 

The short horror movies you can stream over the internet compromises this run-down hit all of the favourite spots of horror, from older pieces by masters of the genre to animated tales to straight-up crazy parts that keep you on the edge of your seats from the second they begin. 

Well before the internet became a major thing when a short movie finished its festival run, it basically passed away, but now that the public can upload their movies over the various online platforms, short movies can be relished each and every time you’re in the disposition for something frightening. There are a lot of creepy short movies on YouTube: short movies about creatures, burglars, serial killers, and also Cronenbergian beasts made up of your favourite '90s food time beverage.

Dim down your lights, turn up the volume of your speakers, and relax in to spend some time with these chilling horror short movies on YouTube. Just for you, we have seen and reviewed plenty of short movies available on YouTube. Do check them out and let us know which your favourite was.


The story initiates with a guy aged 25-30 years coming back from work at night. He parks his car in a dark street and stretches his seat back to relax. After some time he hears a loud thud from the back of his car. He checks around and, on the inside, just to make sure, but no one was there. As soon as he sits back into the car, he sees a lady through the side mirror in white clothes with scraggly hair going behind the car.

This leaves him spooked and astounded. A few minutes later, the demonic lady then approached from the opposite side of the car scaring the shit out of the guy. The horrified guy attempts to start the car and run away but the engine betrayed. It appeared as if the car has been parked on a demonic spot captured by the spirits. A few moments after this brutal haunting, the lady again disappears. The frightened guy again checks the surroundings in the search of the lady. He was so alarmed and perplexed that he had no clue what to do next. He attempts to start the car once again in order to move away before the lady scares him with her presence all over again.

As he moves ahead and as this fearful scene comes to an end, the lady sits on the back seat of the car. This is how it comes to an end leaving the viewers guessing and anticipating what happened next. The intense music will always keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Selfies Gone Wrong

The movie revolves around the life of a teenage girl and her obsession with clicking Selfies. It was just another bright sunny day, going out and clicking selfies every then and now. Later that day, the girl starts to get cosy for sleep. She goes through all the selfies clicked throughout the day. She notices a white guy wearing a cap standing in the background keeping an eye on her in each of the selfies clicked.

It appeared as if the guy was following her the whole time. Ever since the movie started, it has been concentrated with some deep, thrilling background music continuously building the curiosity of the audience. Sometimes it felt like the music was not harmonizing with the ongoing scenes. The finest part of the movie is that it will keep the viewer guessing ‘what the movie is all about’ until the girl zooms out the pictures.


The movie starts off with a couple sleeping in their bedroom. The pin-drop silence of the room echoes the ticking of the clock. In the middle of the night, the girl’s cell phone rings. Wondering who would be calling so late, she murmurs her husband to answer it. Husband sleeping tight did not respond, so the girl had to stretch her arm across her husband to pick up the cell phone. Everything seemed normal as of now.

It was her husband speaking on the other side of the line asking her to open the door as he had gone outside and forgotten the keys indoors. Hearing this left the girl absolutely numb wondering if her husband is outside then who is lying beside her. The background music is top-notch as it intensifies the scenes at each moment. Who is lying beside the lady? The anticipation of the answer makes it so nail-biting. This movie is for the horror fans who want to stay on the edge of their seats. The cast of 3 had everything to give you Goosebumps.

Lights Out

The movie is about a woman who is about to go to bed on a rainy night. While switching off the lights, she notices someone standing at the end of the hallway. Whenever she turns off the lights she sees a disturbing figure of someone staring right at her but when she turns on the light, no one is there. To console her, she uses tape and sticks it to the switch keeping it on and moves back to her bed. 

A few minutes later she wakes up by the clump noise as if someone is walking in the hallway and expectedly the lights were out. Feeling terrified she covers herself under the blanket. The blinking of the bedside lamp added to the terror. The flow of the movie was evenly poised. The 2 minutes 41-second movie will not take much of your time to build the story up. The camerawork was fabulous. The monster or the unknown creature was much more intimidating till the lights were out.

You will be scared to switch off the lights after watching this one.