Special Requests of Your Favorite Celebrities

Whimsical: Tom Cruise

They are executioners in front of an audience and in theaters, however before they can begin working, these craftsmen have some weighty solicitations to the creation. Tom Voyage, for instance, requires the whole film group to sign a proviso swearing not to investigate his eyes.

Jennifer Lopez: White Room

At the point when she remains in lodging, the pop diva asks that everything in the room be white. Additionally, she brings her own bedsheets since she can't remain to utilize sheets she doesn't have the foggiest idea.

Nicki Minaj: Bathroom tissue

One of the requests in the agreement with Nicki Minaj is a changing area with the best quality bathroom tissue.

Lindsay Lohan: be received by Putin

At the point when she went to a meeting in Russia, Lohan didn't simply need a private plane, yet she additionally needed to be received by President Vladimir Putin himself.

Megan Fox: superstitious

To battle her dread of flying, the on-screen character flies tuning in to music from Britney Lances. Megan accepts she won't bite the dust in a plane mishap while tuning in to this music.

Shakira: Mercedes vehicles

The Colombian pop star just goes to her goals in vehicles of the Mercedes brand. In the changing area, she requests a container of wine.

Eva Longoria

The on-screen character doesn't fly without a picture of a holy person. Best to be as careful as possible.

Rolling Stones: Resuscitation equipment

The incredible band makes a few requests on their visits: liquor in huge amounts (in spite of the fact that they drink not exactly previously), ping pong and pinball tables, and... a revival set.

Winona Ryder: personal cutlery

The star of 'Stranger Things' takes her own cutlery and water to the studios.

Elton John: burns objects

Talk has it that the artist consumes every one of the articles he contacts in the changing areas and inns he remains at. He does this to keep somebody from taking them or selling them off.

Jared Leto: consistently in character

The entertainer lives so strongly his jobs that, as per a few people, he turns into a sort of sociopath. While recording the motion picture "Kamikaze Squad", he requested that everybody call him Mr. J.

Lady Gaga: massages

When each show, Lady Gaga solicitations a back rub since she experiences fibromyalgia.

Mariah Carey: Dead Sea Salts

The pop star requests that the creation leave dead sea salts in her changing area, so she can do a stripping before stepping in front of an audience.

Britney Lances: cereals

Among the thousand things that the vocalist asks in her changing area, two items can never be missing: gum and cereal.

Paris Hilton: vodka and bodyguard

The socialite needs to have vodka accessible to any place she goes. On one of her visits to Russia, she additionally requested a bodyguard available to her for 24 hours.

Miley Cyrus: vanilla smell

The vocalist requests that everything smells like vanilla, from the dressing area to the hotel.

Ricky Martin: eight masseurs

To move as much as Ricky Martin, you need a casual body. The hot vocalist accordingly takes eight masseurs on a visit with him.

Julia Roberts: mineral water and natural nourishment

Heaps of mineral water in glass jugs, and nourishment from natural and reasonable horticulture. These are the necessities of the popular entertainer in her working environment.

Kylie Jenner: a lot of room

This socialite has gained notoriety for being extremely divaesque. At the point when she goes to a TV talk with, she requests the biggest changing area in the structure.

Angelina Jolie: No photos

The on-screen character doesn't care to be captured while recording and has even mentioned that they fire a worker for that.

Bruce Willis: No floor coverings

The on-screen character despises covers and has them taken from the lodgings where he's remaining...

Gerard Depardieu: individual culinary specialist

He requests an individual culinary expert during shootings and for the most part, views the kitchens of eateries and lodgings he visits.

John Travolta: new garments

Word on the road is that the on-screen character never wears a similar shirt twice in a shoot. He likewise doesn't care for the sun all over and requests that the team go with him with an umbrella when he's working.

Madonna: white roses

The artist asks that the changing area consistently be finished with white roses.

Russell Crowe: wellness focus

Russell Crowe used to request a unique trailer with rec center hardware, so he could work out and forestall stoutness in the middle of shoots.

Woody Allen: shoes

Any individual who's at any point worked with the executive says that he doesn't remove his shoes to rest.

Mel Gibson: No chicken

Let nobody dare serve chicken on set. Mel Gibson loathes this sort of meat and may even leave a spot when he finds it on the menu.

Jennifer Aniston

At the point when the entertainer needs to fly, she requests a specialist to go with her.

Taylor Quick: vehicle quietness

The artist has gained notoriety for being particular, in spite of the fact that it has improved after some time. They state she used to disallow drivers from conversing with her while driving her to her goal.

Uma Thurman: Yoga

The hero of Kill Bill adores yoga and requirements space to rehearse it any place she works.

Nicole Kidman: well-set sheets

Everyone likes to lie in a bed with the sheets on, isn't that so? Nicole Kidman is quite certain about the accurate way she needs them to lie on the bed.

Kim Kardashian: warm room

This Kardashian takes her very own pad and covers to the lodgings where she goes. Kim additionally leans towards cooled rooms, whatever the season.

Zac Efron: Bodyguard

The on-screen character requires the nearness of a protector each time he goes to an occasion where he will meet numerous fans. He has a fear of groups.

Justin Bieber: no lifts

He would do nearly anything at a show, yet Justin Bieber doesn't get in a lift since he's claustrophobic. Another standard for the individuals who work with the vocalist is that they can't converse with him during exhibitions.

Daddy Yankee: pizza

Daddy Yankee is a sensible craftsman. He asks that everybody in his group is treated similarly to him. In the changing area, there's nothing strange: squeezed orange, organic product, and pizza.

Bruce Springsteen: guitar guard

The star has an individual watch its instruments all day, every day, any place he goes.

Marilyn Manson: gummy bears

In spite of his intense picture, the vocalist requests that the team leave gummy bears in his changing area. Also, that is his lone interest.

Coldplay: mixed beverages

Vodka, whiskey, red wine and white wine (of an assortment other than Chardonnay) are the beverages required in the dressing area of the band.