Verified & Filtered Audience
We at SocialWorks Provide 100% verified genuine human traffic. A Web promoter can fine tune the targeting of his campaign for the kind of followers he/she is looking for. Most Popular Filters are Age, Gender, Profession, Industry, City, State, etc. This this increases the probability of getting right audience to have better conversion ratio.

Customized Plans for Every Need
we understand that every customer is different having diverse requirements and budget constraints. Every customer is equally valuable for us hence, we facilitate you with customized plans created.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Payment Model
We understand your feelings as a customer hence we have three different options of getting your earnings directly in to your bank accounts. You can select from Daily Payout, Weekly Payout or Monthly Payout options from your user dashboard. Payment will be credited to your registered bank account as per opted schedule. Your dashboard will show up your total due amount, or settled amount.

Work from Anywhere
Everybody is owning smart phone these days and you may definitely wish to utilize your travel time from home to office or office to home hence our portal is fully responsive to work perfectly on your smartphone as well.

Unique Concept of Social Empowerment
We at SocialWorks understand our responsibility towards the betterment of the society hence we have a unique Concept of creating “Social Empower Campaign”. In this campaign you can create a profile/fan page for any socially/financially deprived individual in our society and promote it as your Social Empower Campaign. Whenever anybody clicks on such profile/fan page 1 ePoint is contributed towards that needy person and 1 ePoint is contributed towards your Kitty for your efforts for finding this individual and creating his/her profile. For creating & promoting Social Empowerment Campaigns you need to abide by the terms & conditions defined for such campaigns.

Legitimate source for parallel income:

We all know that depending on one income source is not fulfilling our daily needs and happening year on year inflations, hence its not bad generating few extra bucks by utilizing your spare time. Your Income from SocialWorks in 100% legitimate because its generated because your work and efforts. All your payments are being done by paying applicable taxes to govt. Authorities.